Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The Will-Miss & The Will-Not-Miss List

I know it seems weird to already start thinking about the things about Flatland that I will miss or will not miss afterwards. But I might as well write it down while it’s on my mind.

Something I’ve been noticing about myself that has been arising within the Flatland group dynamic is my heightened sense of responsibility. Like a mother caring for his child and his/her friends, or like the teacher with his students on a classtrip I very much enjoy cooking for everybody or preparing snacks or making sure the kitchen is properly stocked. I have developed this community feeling since day one here. I find myself taking over this role (my mother used to be like this). Though I don’t like the idea of ever having children but this is what it might feel like, a little bit at least.
Anyway, I will miss having this non-stop company after my time in Flatland. Most artist I know (myself included) usually work by themselves, it can be a very lonely activity. Here my personal space is on the same floor as the bathroom so I get interrupted in my work by other flatlanders regularly during the day, but I like these interruptions. An exchange of a few words is taking place and then you go back to whatever you were doing. I always used to wonder how it would be like to work in an office, in one of these cubicles. Maybe like this.
But Flatland things I will not miss:
-- Only being able to communicate with the outside world through Email, phone calls or the vinyl.
-- After having taken a shower to sweep off the excess water into the drain which usually takes me an average of 4 minutes. By doing this the person after you doesn’t get wet feet when using the toilet.
-- Also the fact that items or dirt tends to fall down from above every now and then into your space is something I will not miss.
-- Neither will I miss the current condition of my body. The soft muscles in my legs from not walking enough, no regular bike riding, etc. feels very strange all of a sudden.
And, last but not least, about us wearing the orange or red overalls constantly: I start to look forward to having my full wardrobe to choose my clothes from. And I can wait to wear some high heels again soon!

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