Friday, May 4, 2007

Re: Flatland Follies

hello bobbie!

things here are great -- the days go by really really fast -- too fast. it's actually really hard to get anything done. i sat down to write you 2 hours ago, and have been distracted by falling coffee, photographs, toaster waffles, austrian people, and playing...... it's kind of like being at stone harbor while it's raining outside sometimes.......

yes, we have radio, netflix, music and computers. pelle, eva, and i have been procrastinating work by playing nazi-shooting video games like we're 13....

so it's hard to say what we do ..... i'm not even sure myself. right now, however, i'm SUPPOSED to be updating the website, and working on a poster for me+pelle's copenhagen project....

we also eat A LOT.

here's our new blog:

there are a few photos there, i'll put some new ones up soon.

it's oddly busy 'round here!

ok! back to "work",,, i'm attaching a photo of me + eva in our studio space

xoxxo! doug

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