Thursday, May 10, 2007


hello mr brian!

nice to hear from you -- sorry i never wrote back before - building flatland was a major (too major!) effort....

and now that i'm in, time move REALLY fast - and it's really hard in here to find the space [physical and psychological] to do much of anything ..... though just now i'm getting my old rhythm back....

but that has been the most suprising part about it, really, and it's been the same for all of us.

but the other thing i know is that i won't truely understand this experience until i'm outside it. it's too overwhelming inside, both physically and socially, to really have a chance to reflect.

one thing i realized, is that i think best when i'm walking, and i flatland, there's no walking..... so.....

where are you these days? still in pittsburgh? what are you working on?

talk/see(?) you soon! said doug

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