Monday, May 7, 2007

By WEEK 2 it seems that everyday life has caught each flatlander. For me that means doing my Yoga/Pilates exercises after I wake up, making myself tea & breakfest, maybe a shower, doing emails. By then it's usually in the afternoon! Mein Lieber Gott! So who's going to do our lunch/dinner today? What else, placing an order on Fresh Direct every 3 days is not so easy if you have a group of 6, but fun if you like to treat everybody! Pistachios for Doug, something for Alex's sweet tooth, Ward wants his Waffles, for Eva soymilk & seeds, ...I wouldn't have thought that making time for editing my new video project and reading the books I brought along is actually difficult! The evenings are nice and quiet and productive when the Sculpture Center staff has left and switched out the videos and lights of the artwork around us. I start to miss the sun and the warmth. My friends tell me about the hot temperatures outside, we can only tell the weather by the audience's outfts. I'm glad I brought enough warm underwear. We all need our socks to not catch colds! Will have gained weight after Flatland! Whatever, It's been such an unique experience!
Ok. back to work!

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