Monday, May 28, 2007


It’s been a week since I, Maria, have left Flatland and have accomplished my mission. The days since then have been overwhelmed with emotions as well as filled with fond memories of the prior intense weeks. I have been craving for being outside again of course, experiencing nature, the weather. It seems so green everywhere! That’s because it was still cold when we moved into Flatland. I have been walking/biking a lot in New York since, meeting up with my friends and even banal things like the wind blowing through my hair and over my skin proofs the sensation of being new born, or the Yoga class I took today.
On the other hand immediately after Flatland I was finding myself on my own again and I noticed feeling weird about it. I like having people around and it creates a good energy for me. I also found out that I thought I was relaxed by the time of Exit day but in fact I found myself exhausted. It might have given the impression to the audience that the Flatlanders had a great, relaxing time inside – no busy New York life like everybody else – no, it was a 24/7 performance.
All six of us experienced the group dynamic in their own way. There were the Free Spirits and the Control Freaks, that was evident from the start and that might have been one reason that divided us in groups. The sculpture became more luxurious and easier to live in each time somebody left, but also more boring. With Ward and me being inside until the end we talked a lot about how the project evolved, making it clearer for me to grasp what all happened in a short intense time.

When I stopped by at the Sculpture Center two days ago and went inside Flatland for one more time to have a look my perception was very different. I could not imagine anymore staying in there for even a day! My state of mind had completely changed.

To finish my last Blog entry I want to say Thank You to Ward, Doug, Eva, Pelle and Alex for an unforgettable time and for being amazing Flatlanders!

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