Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Re: flatland

hello dad!

yes ... i knew pelle would leave - he has a family, and we have this big project in DK that he's got to work on.

him leaving does not affect our relationship --- maybe me staying does (we really have a lot of work to do in DK! he wanted me to go with him). but that's minor - actually, me being here is good - i'll be able to be here focusing on 'content' while pelle is in copenhagen fighting with the logistics.... and as soon as i get there (may 29th!) we'll both be consumed by organizing .... so the 'content' stuff has to happen here/now!

but building flatland, and doing the other show in BK while getting ready for the Queens september show was really hard for Parfyme Deluxe, so in the end, having some intense relaxing time here in flatland was great for us ......

sharing space with eva has it's benefits and drawbacks, of course - we're very close, which is nice to have here in flatland (which feels like less like 'an exploration in two dimensions' than an psychological-lense+uber-magnifier in ten dimensions).

yes ---- the physical-deterioration is getting to me! and the food thing too ... somehow, the social focus on food, and dealing with the logisics of food ordering and cooking - i find somewhat oppressive.

actually, i have new insights into my own eating-ideosyncrasies - i tend to eat the same thing everyday, and always buy the same things (and two of everything). two habits designed to find a healthy balance, and not have to think about it again. it also makes going to a bar/restaurant to meet friends more fun.... - but the constant evaluation of food i find weirdly oppressive.

also, i like to be focused and work for long stretches (which is already hard in flatland), and everytime i get going, it's time to eat. and i also tend to eat later than others here, so food is always ready before i am.

the irony! it's funny to be claiming that the food situation is 'oppressive' - because, in many ways, it's perfect! the meals i eat here are better than anything i would cook, and when buying food, money is not an issue (at least, relative to my life on the 'outside')

eva and i are thinking of a long bike trip in europe this summer - maybe from copenhagen to berlin, maybe a three-country-tour. fetishizing sun, air, & exersise!

how's election season going?

it's funny - i'd call, and think about calling a lot, but it's genuinely hard here - either there's never a private-enough moment, or it's suddenly almost midnight, too late to call!

talk/write soon, LOVE doug

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