Monday, May 7, 2007


in flatland for 1 week (+22hours)

it's taken this long to figure out how to be productive here. -and i think that's a result of both individual strategies, and a group dynamic; each depends on the other..... we are living so closely here, everything is the product of this group dynamic.

this might be exaggerated for me and eva, because our spaces are the most shared - with each other, and our studio-space, situated next to the kitchen, is the most social of the non-kitchen spaces.

but together, we all seem to have achieved some degree of productivity (pelle and i are already late for some deadlines). by some strange twist, this productivity has given me my first feelings of flatland-restlessness. somehow, being focused on work has made me antsy. maybe it's wanting quiet space, interuption-free, or maybe it's wanting to get away from the work environment - a small break outside!

today i put on socks for the first time since i got here, i can't seem to warm up. i had to take them off though - the shower is above the toilet, so the bathroom is always wet. everytime i go pee, i leave with wet feet.

i think i'm starting to feel the physical effects of being here. i hurt myself in my sleep, the tightness in my legs muscles is gone, and i'm starting to feel low energy. i'm used to lots of exercise, biking around nyc, being a carpenter, and eating at regular times, and with a pretty consistant menu (yogurt, beans, oats, cheese, lots of lentils, spinich). this week, we've been eating all the time. good food mixed with bad, and lots of beer and coffee.

i'm starting to feel unhealthy .....

(in the kitchen behind me, pelle says to maria: "it's the cheese table! -with sausage!" she says: "yeah."

pelle returns to his spot behind me. i'm putting up a photo, and you can see him, and maria behind us in the kitchen, and the cheese table. i'm still cold, and am using a piece of cleaning-cloth eva bought in mexico for a scarf. below us, there's a man in a green sweater, with a white collar poking out of it. he's got a burl ives beard and haircut, and he's looking up, like most viewers, unfocused on anything in particular, just looking up. it's easy to forget outside of flatland are people: viewers, office workers. i think they don't see us, and we don't see them.

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