Sunday, May 13, 2007

Some Maria thoughts

Ward pointed out once that in Flatland doing some duty for the others sometime, washing up the dishes or cooking dinner or cleaning the floors makes you actually feel good and I found that an important point. With such a community service (they also call it Karma Yoga) you feed the consciousness that we are a group, that we are in this together and that is necessary for you to be there.
Every Flatlander has taken advantage of my Yoga or Pilates teaching and I have been enjoying it.
For me I know it’s been the dailyYoga&Pilates training that has prevented me from going crazy in here. I still hold on to my optimism and it’s still feels like my body that I’m in. Even though I also have developed little aches and an all over discomfort I can’t wait to shake off again soon.

My Video project I have been working on isn’t finished yet, I probably need one more week so that still gives me enough to do. I'm glad. Still have enough books to read in the next couple of days too.

By the looks of it I will be the last person to leave Flatland. Maybe it was of help when I joined the group in february that I didn’t really know anyone beforehand. Besides that I am the only Single in Flatland, could that have been to my advantage also? Pelle’s main reason to leave us was his family in Denmark, Eva and Doug as a couple will leave together tomorrow. Alex’s girlfriend is arriving soon to NY so he will say Goodbye to Ward and me on Thursday to reunite with her.

In an hour we will enter week 3 in Flatland…


encke said...

Are all of the live images on the website frozen? It appears the flatland community can be perceived thru digital interface without the need of other dimensions. Or is it a temporary fix to provide privacy?

Congratulations on beginning of week three. Hip hip hooray....

ptomaine said...

Yes, the webcam is not working...not updating...has been stuck on same images at least for a day now. Can you let your online audience know whether it will be fixed or not? Thanks.