Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Pelle is Gone

This morning we awoke to find we, who once were six, are now five. Pelle left quietly without a word, but there were rumors already that he needed to return to his family.

I wish him the best. He was the most naturally pleasant personality one could find one's self in a flatland with, and he added a special flavor to everything. I will miss him.

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ptomaine said...

I have been following this project for about 10 days now. Spend a surprising amount of time watching the video feeds--even though the quality makes it difficult to make out much/see activity. The blog is a welcome addition, so thanks for adding that and for attempts to capture and describe the Flatland experience.

I am wondering how the departure of Pelle has affected you. Has one less participant freed up any more real or psychological space in Flatland? Has it increased the pressure to leave? Has it effected the social cohesion...the social dynamic of the remaining participants?