Sunday, May 20, 2007

THE FINAL DAY in Flatland

It’s Sunday, May 20th, the day of the Exit.
Ward and I are planning to leave at around 4 pm, this is kind of an important day because there will be a Finissage at the Sculpture Center and we get a chance to celebrate officially. When the show “The Happiness of Objects” opened, we were already inside and only watching the others drinking, chatting away and watching us.

Comparing the beginning of Flatland with the end is very interesting. Each time somebody left the piece the energy changed and it suddenly felt different. There was only one week of us six occupying the structure fully, then Pelle exit. After the second week Eva and Doug decided to leave, and a few days after that it was also Alex. I was glad that I could see and experience the difference each time.
With just Ward and me having lived in here in until the end Flatland turned almost in an apartment where as before it seemed more a camp or spaceship or boat situation. It was louder, more chaotic, livelier and tighter. During the last days it was easier to be focused and to get more work done. You didn’t have to socialize, you could avoid each other if you wanted. Ward and I agreed the other day that somehow you don’t anticipate the exit so much anymore, you are used to the environment and don’t feel the need to break out.

Something I already learned from Flatland is that in order to be able to go through it you need to commit 100% to the project, not only before when planning but also during the time. When you are living inside the piece it is essential to engage, or NOT to already think about the next project or to put it like this to live in the moment. Otherwise you automatically feel trapped. That’s the key.

I’m thankful to have joined the Flatland crew and that I have come this far. And now I’m curious how the experience AFTERWARDS will be like for me.

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